1301 stars
Terri-Lynne DeFino

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Title Finder
Rating 1301 stars
Author Terri-Lynne DeFino
Pages 344
Isbn 0982946732
Review You know you've enjoyed a book when the second you finish, you already miss your new friends. Such was the case for me when I read FINDER by Terri-Lynne Defino. This magical story left me enchanted as I stepped into a world with unique characters and unusual settings. Suspense and emotion were brought to life through loss, love and music. Ethen is a charming, likeable hero and Zihariel's musical gift brought her own personal drama to life.

Just when I thought I knew the entire story, the author moves us forward in time, where I received the gift of more wonderful characters, many who spoke to my heart, and a chance to revisit some old friends. The reader gets a chance to see the hero and heroine, now a bit older and wiser, continue their journey together.

FINDER is a story about love, loss and how the most important key to what matters in life does come from family. I'd highly recommend this book.


This book surprised and delighted me. I was expecting a secondary-world adventure love story, but it was so much more. The love story is present, and central, but more important than the love story is the theme of families and family relationships. Yes, there's young love--including terribly painful, illicit young love (though that only comes up later in the story)--but there are also husbands and wives, there are children and parents, there are siblings, and the pain and love involved in all these relationships are shown so observantly, so humanely, with real humor and affection. The worldbuilding is also fabulous, with different climates, landscapes, and cultures with their differing customs, all working to support the story. It's exciting, moving, and unique.

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